About Merco

MERCO is an affiliate of a large holding company with the core mission of introducing state-of-art technologies, turnkey solutions and manufacturing of unique products those contribute enormously to the life in a rapidly changing world. MERCO becomes an international leader in technology, development and manufacturing of Special Petroleum and Industrial Chemical Products. MERCO will build value of concentration on innovation, Technical support and Quality systems.


Since establishment of MERCO, through hard-work, we have experienced a decade of great progress in innovation, development and expansion of our products to contribute to our customer success, trust and satisfaction. Over this period MERCO has developed, sincere and loyal customers all around the globe. Following are some of our satisfied customers.

our vision

To be a leader in serving high quality innovated products which can fulfill the demands of this ever flourishing and technologically evolving world. Our Mission is to become a leading specialist in serving high quality synthetic waxes to all corner of the globe which are not only cost effective but also designed to be environmental friendly. To develop competitive and innovated products through our in-depth expertise, meeting all requirements of the society which can ensures that you are not only strategically positioned for future market but are also equipped to face any multitude of challenges.

Our Factory

In the dawn of 2001, while the murky water of Arabian Gulf glittered by the vividness of morning sun, Middle East Resources Co. (MERCO) ) emerged at Saudi Arabia's port city, Dammam to engrave class & elegance conveyed enduring symbols in Middle East Asia's trade & commerce history. MERCO acquires ultra modern facilities and equipment in 5000 square meter to contribute to our customer's success by providing top quality products supported by sound technical service that can help them produce better cost effective products. The well equipped quality control laboratory and R&D facility offer a clear indication of MERCO's dedication to customer's satisfaction by staying aware of the needs of the evolving market. We place the industries most imposing expertise and experience at your demands for superior performance and higher product quality. Whatever your industry, MERCO welcomes the opportunity to work with you to finding the most cost effective solutions to meet your requirements. MERCO is a spring of syndicate research engendered autumn and hold on to its well constructed ethos to become an international leader in technology, development and manufacturing of petroleum & industrial chemical products. MERCO will build value of concentrating on innovation, technical support & quality system. The unremitting commitment of MERCO towards changing face off life set the primary task for corporate researchers to opt a unique finished product from domestically resourced feed stock for its maiden plant. Emerged at the world's largest oil producing nation, there had been no better choice than Synthetic Waxes from Polyethylene (PE), a product of Natural Gas – a computationally varied product consisting of a mixture of hydro carbons – refining process as the feed stock resource.